Leaving window replacement for too long could lead to extra expenses later. Depending on their condition, you may also suffer from higher utility bills while you delay. Worst case, you’ll cause additional damage to other parts of your home or commercial building.
We asked our team in Salmon Arm for the run-down on the costs of waiting for a window replacement:
  • #1 Interior Drafts & High Energy Bills
  • #2 Wood & Frame Decay
  • #3 Condensation affecting your view
  • #4 Difficult Window Operations
  • #5 Noise Pollution – What’s outside comes inside

Windows are Your Building’s Unsung Hero

Windows bring so much advantage to your living and working spaces:

  • Bright natural light
  • Protection from harsh weather
  • Soothing views
  • Temperature control
  • Long-lasting durability

Windows Shouldn’t Be Neglected

Anything valuable to us needs attention. Have you assessed your windows recently? Could they use some TLC?
We know that summer is full of outdoor fun in the sunny Okanagan, but our colder weather is just around the corner. Think about your windows now, when replacement installation is quick, without unnecessary weather delays and stress.
Ask yourself:
  • Did you notice interior drafts last winter?
  • Are your energy bills as low as they can possibly go, with energy efficient equipment operating well?
  • Can you see any wood rot or frame damage, inside or out?
  • Did your windows have moisture when the furnace was running last winter/spring?
  • Does each window open and close smoothly?
  • Are you bothered by neighbour or street noises often?

Window Perfection from the Okanagan’s Top Experts

If your answers to our questions give you pause about your windows’ condition, call the professionals at Trademark Glassworks for a site visit. Property ownership responsibilities are never-ending, but they don’t need to be stressful.

Let Trademark Glassworks help you keep your home or commercial property in top-shape with a window quality assessment this month. Call now to book an onsite visit and to receive a free quote!