New glass doors give an old room a vibrant, happy feel. Bring the outdoor sunshine in. Here’s what you need to think about, when selecting new glass doors:

#1 – Glass Door Design Comes First

Particularly if you are upgrading the look of your home with an eye-catching new glass door feature wall, you need to consider design factors first. Here are the main things to consider:
  • Size
  • Structural needs
  • Shape
  • Sliding or Opening Outward
  • Seethrough or Glazed

#2 – Pick for Energy Efficiency

The number of glass panes, the type of frame material, and the gas that is inserted between the glass all affect energy efficiency. Decide whether you want to prioritize lowering your utility bill, or whether you need a lower door price-point and energy efficiency compromise for budget reasons. Low-E glass is getting more popular – ask us about pricing!

#3 – Consider Home Security

You need to consider the practical aspects of home security. Consider installing blinds between the panes of glass in a glass door, to obscure the view inside when you’re out golfing! This also helps avoid tedious dusting of blinds. We also recommend thinking about your landscaping around glass doors to reduce the likelihood of trouble. Ask us about

#4 – Door Maintenance is an Issue

Moving objects need to be maintained. Your new sliding glass doors will be a high-use feature in your home and we always recommend low maintenance materials.
Quality in the manufacturing is important to you! Our team can help you review the many high-quality features available from Canada’s premier glass door manufacturer, Milgard, including long-life guarantees.

#5 – Consider Blinds for Privacy

When you’re deciding on your glass door, don’t forget to include coverings in your budget. You can choose from:
  • Film covering over the glass or between panes (with or without one-way viewing protection)
  • Blinds or drapes (vertical, horizontal, sliding, fabric, wood)
  • Screens (keep insects out and pets in)

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