Window and door replacement is a big decision. Your home’s appearance, energy efficiency, and interior lighting — it’s all at stake!
Our team in Salmon Arm have some advice based on their decades of experience!
Top 5 Mistakes with Window & Door Installations
  1. Check the warranty — go with an installation company that has a good reputation, a written warranty, and a solid relationship with well-respected window and door manufacturers.
  2. Windows & doors are a property investment — treat your installation decision like any other large asset investment. If you shop based on low-price alone, you’re going to get low-quality results.
  3. Consider your long-term utility bill — sometimes it’s a short number of years before energy-efficient equipment will pay itself off. Spend a bit of time doing the calculations because you might save money later by spending on energy efficiency now.
  4. DIY leads to disasters —a surprising number of homeowners think that window & door replacement is a DIY project. Everything from poor measurements, to lack of backslope moisture diversion, to flashing tape and membrane weaknesses — the details are what ensure your new windows & doors will last for decades.
  5. Leveling, flooring considerations & hardware installation — you’ll notice forever if the job isn’t done right. Like a picture hanging crookedly on a wall, a poorly installed window or door will be obvious to you and your guests forever.

Screen Installation, Repairs, Door Resizing, Entry Renovations — So Many Possibilities

The fall weather is great and work/school routines are now underway after a fantastic summer. The Salmon Arm Parade and Fair on Sept 9-11 is back, and now’s a great time to check your windows. Make this a fall 2022 renovation project! Lower your energy bills, improve your property value, and take advantage of these shoulder-season months to get it all done. Call our showroom in Salmon Arm to book a site visit today.