Auto glass services are crucial for the maintenance of your vehicle’s glass components. They are available to repair, replace or maintain your car’s windshield, windows and mirrors. In Salmon Arm, Trademark Glassworks offers top-notch auto glass services including rock chip repairs, windshield replacements, and installation of new glass components. In this blog post, we’ll give you all the information you need to know about auto glass services in Salmon Arm.

The Importance of Auto Glass Services

Auto glass is a critical component of your vehicle, as it protects you from external elements such as wind, dust, and debris, and offers structural integrity to the vehicle. It offers protection and visibility, and any damage to the windshield, window or mirrors can not only be a safety hazard, but also impair your driving. Conducting regular maintenance on your auto glass components, therefore, ensures optimal safety and performance of your vehicle.

Types of Auto Glass Services Offered

Auto glass services encompass a wide range of activities such as repairing rock chips, replacing cracked or shattered windshields, installing new glass components such as mirrors and windows, and offering maintenance services such as tinting. In Salmon Arm, Trademark Glassworks offers all these services, so you’re assured of all-round auto glass care.
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Rock Chip Repairs

Rock chips can be caused by debris on the road or even hailstorms. They are small damage types that can quickly grow into larger cracks when ignored. Trademark Glassworks offers rock chip repair services that can mend the chips before they propagate and require total windshield replacement. They use the latest technology such as resin vacuums and equipment to minimize the appearance of the repair.

Windshield Installations

Sometimes the damage to the windshield is beyond repair. In such cases, Trademark Glassworks offers total windshield replacements with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality glass. They further ensure that your vehicle is road-worthy by using the latest adhesives and techniques during installation. A new windshield will provide you with clarity and improve your vision when driving.

Why Choose Trademark Glassworks

With Trademark Glassworks, you have a reliable and efficient partner for your auto glass services in Salmon Arm. Our experienced technicians, advanced technology, and high-quality materials ensure that your car’s windshield, windows or mirrors are in the best condition and safe for driving. Contact us for an appointment today and enjoy the benefits of having quality auto glass services.

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