Your windshield may be one of the most important yet underappreciated features of your car. Day after day it “shields” both you and your precious cargo from wind, dust, stones, rain, flying debris, and other outside elements you encounter while driving. It also protects you from sun glare and prevents your roof from caving in, in the event of a serious accident.

Taking proper care of your windshield not only extends its lifespan but also ensures that it’s in the best position to protect you. Here are simple steps you can take to care for your windshield and keep it in good health.

Clean your windshield regularly

Buildup of dirt on your windshield can take a toll on its visibility. While it may look clean, certain spots or blotches can make it difficult to see clearly, especially in direct sunlight or heavy rain. Cleaning the inside of your windshield every couple of weeks prevents dirt from building up. It’ll only take a few minutes and the reward greatly outweighs the effort you’ll put into it. The only materials you need are a microfiber towel, a gentle glass cleaner, and some vinegar to add a bit of shine to the glass.

Using harsh chemical such as ammonia-based glass cleaners or abrasive DIY cleaners can leave scratches on the glass or cause discoloration if your windscreen has a tint. The best option is to use gentle glass cleaners that are designed specifically for the windshield of a car.


Check your windshield wipers regularly

Windshield wipers remove dust, dirt, rainwater, and other substances that get stuck to your windshield. However, these wipers can damage your windshield if they are not kept in good condition. A windshield wiper is essentially made up of a metal structure covered by a rubber coating. Over time, the rubber coating wears out leaving your windshield exposed to the metal structure underneath. This means that each time you run your wipers, the metal structure can scrape against the windshield and leave scratches.

Check your windshield wipers regularly to ensure they are in good condition. And when the rubber coating starts to thin, replace the wipers.

Repair chips or cracks

In the Okanagan we all know that the impact from foreign objects such as stones can leave chips or cracks in your windshield. If left unrepaired, such chips may expand and cause significant damage. The damage may require you to replace the glass, which takes time when you’re busy. Thus, it’s important to consult us at Trademark Glassworks for chips or cracks – as they could end up costing you a lot more, if left unattended.

We’re Windshield Experts at Trademark Glassworks

If you’ve noticed any kind of damage on your windshield, contact us at Trademark Glassworks to inspect the damage and repair or replace your windshield, if necessary. With over 20 years of business experience, our team of professionals are always ready to assist you with all your glass-related needs. Give us a call!