Cold weather is here and windshields across the country will be facing road hazards again. Avoiding the hassle of windshield replacement is a uniquely Canadian skill. Let’s take a closer look at how you can protect your car and its passengers around Salmon Arm this winter.

Think Ahead, Protect Your Glass

A little bit of proactive action goes a long way towards road safety and avoiding windshield cracks and chips. Here’s a list of things to remember during our icy winter driving months:
  • Don’t drive too close to other vehicles, especially large trucks
  • Avoid driving behind trucks hauling loose loads (like gravel)
  • Look for trees to shelter your windshield when it’s parked in an exposed, high traffic, or heavily-plowed area
  • Park your vehicle inside a garage when possible
  • Avoid driving on back roads and unpaved surfaces around Salmon Arm. Here’s what the city covers…

Car Maintenance with Windshields in Mind

Do you have good vehicle maintenance habits? Here are the key areas to think of, in terms of windshield longevity:
  • Keep your windshield washer fluid topped up
  • Make sure to have antifreeze in the washer fluid mix
  • Replace your wipers regularly and more than once if you are frequently travelling under harsh winter conditions
  • Only use a plastic windshield scraper when clearing off ice
  • Don’t pour boiling water on your windshield

Repair Your Windshield Strategically

Sometimes it seems better to wait til the end of winter to visit us at Trademark Glassworks. But getting those chips or cracks fixed quickly may save you money in the long term. We’re here to help!
  • Come in for a free quote whenever you see any damage — there are often simple and permanent solutions we can offer
  • Don’t drive with a damaged windshield — it’s unsafe and you could face driving fines and insurance complications
  • Fix summer damage before the cold weather causes cracks and chips to grow as your windshield expands and contracts
Broken car windshield glass from stone
Drive safely this winter and remember to stop by and see us at Trademark Glassworks in Salmon Arm for all your windshield repair and replacement needs.