Before we know it, spring will be here and it’s time to think about screen doors. Will you be equipped to keep your house insect and pest free during our lazy summer days? Will you feel the joy of opening your home’s doors to catch a warm, spring breeze?
Now is the ideal time to think about installing new screens. If your current screen doors are older, rusty, opening poorly, or damaged, there are innovative new door screen products to consider.
There are several factors to think about:
  • Door width (single, double, custom)
  • Mesh quality (insect-grade, UV protection, transparency, wind resistance)
  • Closure method (retractable, permanent)
  • Tracking (profile, material construction, ease-of-use)
At Trademark Glassworks, we recommend Wizard Screen Solutions for our residential and commercial customers. We have many satisfied clients who are enjoying the benefits of Wizard’s light, effective and retractable door screens. It’s essential to find a start-to-finish door service provider, who will work to ensure first-class appearance and functionality, from measuring through to installation.
The benefits of fresh air are well documented and it’s important to start planning now for optimal air circulation over the warmer months. Recently, we’ve understood better the important relationship between our natural environments and psychological wellness. Door screens, an adaptive, easy-to-install home feature that promotes our sense of oneness with nature, have taken on new significance.
If your home, cottage or commercial property has a door (standard or over-sized, single or patio) that would benefit from screen coverage, there are fresh products and manufacturing designs providing ideal visibility, appropriate UV blocking and insect protection.

Talk to a Door Pro

The pros at Trademark feel that, due to their quality retractable tracking construction, Wizard screens provide smooth, one-hand opening and closing. No more grinding or slamming…your screen tucks away unobtrusively when not in use, further protecting it from off-season and accidental damage. Call us today and visit our showroom in Salmon Arm!