Have you thought about replacing your windows with energy efficient, attractive vinyl? You can increase your home’s value by more than the cost of the window replacement if you know what to look for when shopping for new windows.
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Vinyl is A Practical Choice

Don’t be swayed by those who think aluminum or wood window frames are your only choice. PVC vinyl frames can look like wood but won’t corrode like metal. Vinyl resists heat damage, repels water to protect against rot, and isn’t affected by the sun’s UV rays. Vinyl doesn’t mold, rot, or warp. Through hot summers, cold winters, and sudden temperature fluctuations, vinyl doesn’t change. Typically, new vinyl windows have a 20-year expected lifespan! Vinyl gives your windows an easy opening and closing option, whether they are pop-out or sliders.

Home Appraisers Like Vinyl Window Alternatives

When your house value is estimated, your investment is more valuable if you have new, energy-efficient features. Homebuyers prefer homes with new windows. If you don’t have energy-efficient windows installed, your home’s perceived value might suffer. Think about vinyl as a way to upgrade your home before a sale!

Other Vinyl Window Advantages

You and your family can benefit from energy bill savings if you invest in vinyl windows now, instead of waiting until you might be putting your house on the market. Enjoy the benefits now….and later….by getting this project underway this year.
house with wood and vinyl siding
For years now, we’ve known that vinyl is an excellent window frame choice. Everything from soundproofing to temperature control can be achieved with new, vinyl windows. And, there’s more good news! Vinyl is the affordable option, when lined up against other choices. Drafty windows? Prepare for winter and don’t delay! Call the window experts at Trademark Glassworks for a window replacement quote today.