Are you replacing your old, drafty windows? Or maybe you’re installing new construction windows and wondering about national rating systems? You’ve come to the right place.
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Window Ratings Explained

NFRC label

Window manufacturers include an NFRC rating label indicating window performance. The label is in the upper right corner of the glass and indicates the make, model, style, and materials. NFRC ratings evaluate:

  • Heat transfer
  • Sun-blockage
  • Air leakage
  • Condensation resistance

Energy Star

Windows with Energy Star ratings use 20 – 30% less energy. Energy Star focuses on:

  • U-factor insulation
  • Solar heat transfer
  • Frame and joint air locking

Other window glass ratings you might want to learn about are:

  • R-value — how much indoor heat the glass keeps inside
  • U-value — how much outdoor heat the glass keeps out
  • Visible light transmittance — the amount of natural light entering through glass
  • DP — design pressure rating for withstanding weight, water, air

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