If you’re getting ready to replace your old windows with energy efficient new ones, don’t throw away the old windows! Instead, consider repurposing them and building a greenhouse. With some creativity and a few simple tools, you can transform your old windows into something useful and beautiful. Let’s take a look at how to do it.

Collect the Materials Needed

The first step in constructing your greenhouse is to collect all the materials that you will need. You will need the old windows that are being replaced, as well as some lumber for framing and building supports. You may also need door hinges, screws, nails, and weather stripping for additional support. Once you have everything collected, it’s time to start building.

Construct the Frame

Now it’s time to construct the frame of the greenhouse using wood or metal framing material. The frame should be secured using screws or nails so that it is sturdy and able to withstand wind and rain. Make sure that you use non-corrosive materials such as stainless steel or aluminum for maximum durability. This frame will become the foundation for your greenhouse structure.

Install the Glass Panes

Once the frame is constructed, install each glass pane individually into its assigned slot in the frame. Secure each pane with weather stripping or door hinges to ensure that it will remain firmly in place when exposed to strong winds or heavy rainfall. Be sure to use caution when handling glass panes; they can be dangerous if broken or shattered during installation!

Bonus! Your old windows will open in strategic points for cross ventilation in your greenhouse.

Building a greenhouse from recycled windows may seem like an intimidating project but don’t let that stop you from tackling this great DIY project. With some patience and ingenuity, you can create a beautiful greenhouse from your old windows that will last for years to come – plus help save on energy costs. And if you have any questions about replacing your windows with energy efficient ones, then give Trademark Glassworks in Salmon Arm BC a call today. We’d love to help you out.

Beautifully decorated interior of a greenhouse/summer house

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