Have you put up with months of ugly windshield cracks? Do you worry you might receive a ticket for the condition of your windshield?

At Trademark Glassworks, we understand. We are windshield repair experts. If you need a quick repair to remove a rock chip, or if your windshield needs a complete replacement, now is the time to get it done. Our speciality is quick repair, so you can get back on the road in complete safety.

Did you know that driving in BC with a windshield crack that interferes with the driver’s vision is illegal? Did you know that many nicks and chips can be repaired without needing new glass?

Our experts know how to assess your windshield damage and can advise regarding BC’s laws. Here’s a quick list of what might get negative police attention according to the Motor Vehicle Act:

  • Any damage considered to be impairing driver vision
  • Left-side windshield damage of very precise millimeter lengths (small stone damage of less than 6 millimeters is exempt)
  • Any window crack over 300 millimeters long
  • Any round (i.e., rock chip) damage over 40 millimeters in diameter
  • More than 2 cracks over 150 millimeters in one window
  • Any broken glass with a sharp edge
  • Rear viewing damage causing the driver to be unable to see 60 meters clearly
Automobile special workers remove old windscreen

When Not to Wait for A Repair

Don’t forget that your car’s windshield is also part of your overall collision safety protection. If you are in an accident and your windshield was previously damaged, it offers you less structural protection. For your safety, damaged windshields should be repaired immediately.

Get Ready for A Clear View to Summer

With ICBC Comprehensive insurance coverage your windshield repair might be free. If you need a larger repair, Trademark Glassworks in Salmon Arm can help process your ICBC claim. Give us a call or drop in to Trademark Glassworks – for your family’s driving safety and peace of mind on the road.