Technology in the home is continuously evolving, including in the window and door industry. One such innovation is retractable screen doors.

What is a retractable screen?

The name itself is a giveaway! It is a screen that retracts into a slim canister at the side of a door or window when not in use. It rolls up into protective housing such that it becomes virtually invisible. This innovation is most often used on patio doors but also can be used for windows. It is popular when movement through a door is frequent, replacing the old sliding screen door on a track. These screens open up your home for fresh air and protect against insects.
At Trademark Glassworks, we can help you get the size of that door or window frame right down to the centimetre, so that your screen will fit perfectly.

protection from insects

Types of Retractable Screens

A retractable screen door holds the fort and stays in position. The most popular options are:

Sliding door

The most common retractable screen among homeowners, this screen slides horizontally across top and bottom tracks within the door frame. It may have a push-button attached to a spring or a latch to keep the screen closed.

Magnetic door

A magnetic door entails hand- or contact-free operation. All that it needs is to detect physical proximity. It is comprised of two mesh panels connected to magnets that run vertically down the middle. It is ideal for owners with kids and pets; they need not worry about unlocking the latch or pushing a button. Kids and pets can now easily stroll through the middle. More so, a magnetic door saves every member from headbangs.

Pull up/down door

Yet another variant is the pull-up or down door. It comes with an insect screen for added protection. All you have to do is just pull the screen up or down to access the mesh. When not in use, it rolls to the top or the bottom of your door frame.

Walking the Talk

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