When considering new windows, homeowners often focus on energy efficiency and overlook the pizzazz potential of installing fabulous new windows from the many new styles available.

At Trademark Glassworks, we want to help! We are a well-established window company that has helped many customers choose and install window frames with style for over two decades. We want to pass on our expertise to you! Here are some inspiring ideas that may also lower your heating bills:

Black Window Frames with Style

Sometimes we get lost in the fact that so many window frames are produced in white. If you click here for black frames you will be impressed by this easy and inexpensive way to give your home some stand-out colour.

The difference is subtle, but the effect is eye-popping. Give a classic living room a look with heightened polish, or add a contemporary look with priceless elegance. Even sliding doors and roll-up style patio access gets a ‘wow factor’ from crisp black lines framing the edges.

Window Walls

Maximize the outdoors indoors with wide-open views and unobstructed beauty. You don’t need great art on the wall when a room is oriented towards bringing the grace and peacefulness of your patio, backyard, or panoramic view into your home. Expanding the size of your windows can produce this effect.

Windows as Smaller Works of Art

Imagine tasteful prints framed on your wall. And a long window set just above the pictures, bringing the space, the wall, and the artwork together. Now imagine the beauty of the treetops outside, or the snow on tree branches, adding a sublime appeal with this special window effect.

Transom windows above your front door, a matching window running along the top of your patio sliding doors, or a series of smaller windows cut into a wall in a creative geometric layout are fabulous ideas. Create art with windows and bring nature’s beauty inside.

Stand-out Window Frames and Other Home Design Secrets

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At Trademark Glassworks in Salmon Arm, our design experts are in the showroom and would love to show you how your next energy efficiency project with new windows could become a work of art. Increase your home’s value and beauty the window way, today. Give us a call!