Do you have problems with windows fogging up from moisture? Or can you hear everything going on outside as if you were outside? Is it hard to maintain a consistent temperature inside your house? If so, it’s probably time to look into replacing your old windows with newer, insulated glass.

What is insulated glass?

Insulated glass refers to windows that have multiple panes of glass. These newer windows continue to improve, and are designed to reduce heat transfer, control light, and make the window more durable and longer lasting.

Insulated glass has several advantages:

  • Reduces noise – The air (or gas) between the panes acts as a sound buffer. Sealants also help minimize sound transfer through the glass.
  • Stronger – the multiple panes of glass and/or coatings generally make insulated glass stronger than standard glass.
  • More energy efficient – Having multiple panes of glass helps retain heat or alternatively keep things cool.

What are some different types of insulated glass?

Argon-filled – Argon gas is commonly used to fill up the space between windowpanes. It’s cheap, clear and non-toxic. Argon is preferable to air because it doesn’t fog up as much (moisture) and provides better insulation.

Low-E coated – Low-E stands for ‘low emission’. It’s a special coating of metal oxides that help insulate and regulate temperature. The metal oxides can sometimes give this glass a greenish tint.

Dual-seal silicon – Dual-seal silicon helps insulate the glass and also makes it much more durable. The seal also means much less moisture which helps keep it clear.


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