Glass has always been a popular material in modern architecture due to its transparency, durability, and aesthetic appeal. It’s a top choice for many homeowners in Salmon Arm when it comes to taking advantage of our world class views. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, glass can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space. However, when it comes to glass installation, we are often bombarded with a wide range of questions. In this article, we will cover the three most frequently asked questions about glass by homeowners in Salmon Arm.

What types of glass are available for home installation?

The different types of glass available for installation in your home vary in terms of their composition and features. Common types of glass include tempered glass, insulated glass, laminated glass, and low-emissivity glass. Tempered glass is a type that is popular in bathrooms since it’s harder and doesn’t shatter on impact. Insulated glass has a high thermal efficiency rating due to its structure that combines multiple panes of glass with a layer of gas insulation. Laminated glass is perfect for areas with high-security concerns since it is designed with an interlayer that maintains its integrity when shattered. Low-E glass decreases heat loss and helps reduce energy costs due to its ability to reflect solar infrared energy.

How can I ensure that the glass is energy-efficient?

As a homeowner in Salmon Arm, finding a way to reduce your energy bills is a key priority. Installing energy-efficient glass is one way to achieve this. There are several factors to consider when installing such glass, including its thermal efficiency, insulation rating, and the percentage of UV light radiation it blocks. One of the most popular options for energy-efficient glass is low-emissivity glass. This type of glass is coated with a low-E film that helps to reflect solar radiation and reduce heat loss. Choosing the right energy-efficient glass for your home requires an assessment of your individual needs and budget. Consulting us – your professional glass installer, is highly recommended to achieve the most energy-efficient glass installation.

How do I maintain my glass once it’s installed?

Once you have installed the right type of glass, it is essential to maintain it correctly to keep it in excellent condition. Depending on the environment that your glass is exposed to, it may require different cleaning and maintenance routines. Generally, it’s advisable to clean glass surfaces using a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner or professional grade soap and a squeegee. If you notice any chips, cracks, or damage to your glass, do not attempt to fix it on your own. Instead, seek professional repair services to avoid further damage.
Choosing the right type of glass installation is a critical aspect of enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal and reducing your energy bills. It’s essential to have accurate information and expert knowledge when selecting the right glass for your home. At Trademark Glassworks, we have a team of professional glass installers who are always ready to offer expert guidance on your glass installation needs.

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