Sliding glass doors add a touch of elegance to any home’s interior design. In the Okanagan and Shuswap, where our views are spectacular, sliding doors are a great selling feature. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, they are also highly functional. These doors are very easy to open and space-saving.
Some simple maintenance will ensure your sliding glass doors operate well for decades and are super clean. To help you preserve the functionality and beauty of your doors, here are some tips to consider:

Clean the tracks and rollers

The main reason sliding doors get stuck is because of dirt accumulation in the tracks. Beneath your sliding door are rollers that glide along the track when you open or close the door. Over time, the track becomes dirty, and the buildup of debris and dirt affects the rollers and makes sliding the door difficult.
To clean the tracks, use the hose attachment on your vacuum to remove any loose debris. For the dirt, run a damp cloth, not a soggy wet one, over the surface of the track and rollers and leave them to dry completely.

Apply a lubricant to the tracks and rollers

After cleaning, the next step is to apply a silicone-based lubricant (like WD40 or Liquid Wrench) to your tracks and rollers to reduce any friction between them. Over time, this helps the rollers slide along the tracks smoothly and effortlessly. Ensure that you wipe off any excess lubricant that falls on the floor outside your tracks so you don’t fall!

Clean the surface of the glass

Dirt, bugs and even wildfire soot can reduce the clarity of your glass doors. Using an alcohol-free glass cleaner, gently wipe the surfaces inside and out. Apply the glass cleaner from the top to the bottom with a gentle applicator such as a squeegee, foam sponge, or a new cloth. A good tip is to remove excess liquid using a squeegee to prevent the appearance of streaks.

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