Now is a great time to find ways to save on your utility bills. With prices going up, we all need to stretch every dollar as far as it can go… and you’ll be making a positive impact for the environment at the same time.

Cover Window Glass

When our Okanagan summer hits, your windows should be covered. Consider shades mounted as close as possible to the glass, dual fabric layers, blinds, and exterior awnings to deflect heat. Focus on south and west-facing windows first.

New Exterior Doors

Think about installing well-insulated exterior doors with a higher energy efficiency rating to save on your gas or electric bills. Pick a frame that reduces conductive heat loss (avoid metal and favour wood).
Replacing old, single-pane sliding doors with new doors that offer the latest in energy efficient technology will look great and save money every month.

Do you have an Energy Efficient Garage Door?

Install a new garage door with a high R-value (door insulation rating) and low U-value (the door assembly heat loss rating). Look for doors manufactured with triple-layer construction and polyurethane insulation.

Natural Light Optimization

An easy way to soften the energy drain in your home is to optimize natural light. A window gives between 20 and 100 times its area in illumination! Turn the lights off and enjoy indirect light instead.

Home Air Flow for A/C Savings

When cooling your home with fans, promote efficient air flow by drawing in cool, night air from downstairs locations and pushing out hot air through fans positioned near upstairs windows.

Visit Our Window Showroom

Every little bit helps. Talk to us about energy efficient windows today and watch for the utility savings this summer. Trademark Glassworks in Salmon Arm has more information on energy efficient door and window options for you. Reach out to their friendly staff today.