Sliding doors are becoming more and more popular in modern house designs. They require less space to open or close, so they are an efficient option for room planning, they fit into the modern, contemporary style that is the trend for residential design in the Okanagan, and they provide fresh air and tons of natural light that other doors just don’t provide.

Sliding glass doors may need to be replaced, and not just when the glass shatters! So how do you know it’s time to replace?

1. Drafts around the edges

The point of doors is to keep outside things outside and inside things inside. This includes air too. It’s not energy efficient if you are feeling cold air coming in through the edges. This could be caused by something simple such as dirt build up in the track preventing a tight close, or the metal frame has been bent.

2. When It’s Difficult To Open And/or Shut

Doors are there to secure your home, but they should be easy to open and close. You shouldn’t be straining to move the door. And this could be a safety hazard in an emergency. A sliding glass door can become difficult to open or close for different reasons: misaligned tracks, roller damage, expansion due to weather, poor installation, etc.


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