Waking up to sun-kissed mornings or working in your home office with natural light flowing in, instead of a fluorescent glow, can be very pleasant. But sunlight does contain ultraviolet (UV) rays that can bleach furniture, carpets, and even affect the colour of your floors.

Ultraviolet rays are a part of the natural energy produced by the sun. There are two types or rays – UVA or ultraviolet A and UVB or ultraviolet B. The former has a longer wavelength, while the latter has the shorter. It’s the UVA rays that you want your windows to block.

For older windows, there are many types of window films that can be applied on the outside of the glass. When carefully applied by a professional they can block up to 99% of the UV rays. They come in various tints depending on how much light you need, or privacy.

But new windows come with low E-coatings – a glaze that is built right into the glass in the factory. This glazing not only blocks the harmful rays but it blocks heat – meaning you can save on your cooling bills. Low-E glass also reduces heat loss leaving your home in the winter – it’s a win-win. The professionals at Trademark Glassworks are ready to show you what is possible!


There are many reasons you might be thinking of replacing your windows – be sure to consider the cost-savings in air conditioning, and protecting your furnishings, when you are preparing your budget.

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