Windshield replacement and repair is one of the most important automotive services offered. It’s important to keep windshields in top condition, as it provides visibility for a safer drive and compliance with windshield safety standards as outlined by automotive regulating bodies in BC. For these reasons, windshield repairs need to be done by experienced professionals, taking into account local regulations and windshield types. Whether you have a windshield that needs replacing or repairing, this FAQ blog aims to provide clear guidance and reliable information on the topic of windshield maintenance, giving readers the understanding, they need to make the right decisions when it comes to windshield replacement.
Q: I have some rock chips and a crack in my windshield, do I have to get it replaced?
A: If the damage is smaller than a loonie, (like rock chips) just repair is needed. If your windshield is damaged to obstruct your line of vision, or deemed unsafe and not appropriate for repairs, you will need to replace your windshield to drive legally on BC roads.
Q: Do I have to take my car to ICBC first before coming to you for windshield repair?
A: Trademark Glassworks is an ICBC approved glass repair facility, so you can come directly to us for your new windshield or repairs.
Q: Does my ICBC insurance cover windshield repair or replacement costs?
A: You’re covered if you have comprehensive coverage, and in most circumstances, can have your windshield repaired for free without paying a deductible.
Q: At what point do I have to get my windshield replaced according to BC law?
A: There are strict regulations that determine when windshield damage is considered a vision obstructing risk, and must be replaced by law, including having a crack longer than 300 millimeters in any part of the windshield, two or more cracks over 150 millimeters long in one piece of glass, stone or shot injuries 40 millimeters or more in size across any windshield, and two or more stone or shot injuries over 20 mm in diameter again in one single piece of glass showing sharp edges. Any windshield that meets these criteria needs to be replaced immediately.
technicians replacing a windshield

Come and see us for all your automotive glass needs in Salmon Arm BC. We are an ICBC approved glass repair facility, so there is no need to visit ICBC for glass claims because we take care of everything for you!

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