Are you looking for a solution to replace your worn screens or want to add new screens to your home in Salmon Arm? Our Wizard Screens provide a range of solutions for retractable screens for doors and windows. These screens offer the perfect solution to add more of nature into your home without letting insects in. Keep reading to discover more about Wizard Screen Solutions and why they are a great addition to any home.

Incredible Quality and Durability

Wizard Screens are built with durable wind resistant grade mesh that is perfect for residential homes. These screens are top quality and meant to last, meaning you will be saving money in the long run. Unlike other screens that can easily wear down, Wizard Screens provide a premium and long-lasting solution. You can enjoy your screens with the peace of mind they will last for years to come.

Wide Range of Screen Sizes

One of the best things about Wizard Screens is that we can customize the width and height of the screens to fit the needs of your home. Our screens are perfect for wide double doors, corners and more. We can even install screens for homes that have unique architectural features. Wizard Screens are meant to provide you with the perfect solution regardless of your home’s design.

Great Protection from Insects

With Wizard Screens, you don’t have to worry about insects getting into your home. The mesh screens are insect-grade and finely woven, stopping even the smallest insects from entering your home. These screens are perfect for residences that are susceptible to mosquitos and flies, as the mesh stops them in their tracks. You can enjoy a breeze in your home without worrying about itchy bug bites.

Maintains Your View

One of the best features of Wizard Screens is the fact that they do not ruin your view. Unlike other screens that can be visible, Wizard Screens have a retractable mesh that is hidden when not in use. This means that when you aren’t using your screens, you can enjoy your view without them obstructing your sight. Your view is just as important as the screen, and Wizard Screens make sure you can enjoy both.

Professional Installation & Customer Service

At Trademark Glassworks, we offer professional installation services. Our team of professionals will come and measure your door or window and provide a quote before installation. We always make sure that the screen fits the opening perfectly, ensuring no insects can get through. We’re always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, providing exceptional customer service.
If you’re looking to add screens to your home in Salmon Arm, Wizard Screens are the best solution. With a wide range of sizes, high-quality durability, excellent protection from insects, and no obstruction of your view, you won’t regret installing them. Don’t hesitate to protect your home and yourself from biting bugs and contact us today for more information on our screens and installation services.

Reach out to us! Trademark Glassworks is your local Wizard Screen installer in Salmon Arm and happy to visit on-site to provide money-saving and eco-solutions for your home. Contractor queries are welcome. We work with general contractors to provide glass solutions – windows and doors for new homes in Salmon Arm.

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