Are you considering increasing your home’s value and saving on energy bills through window replacement? Swapping out your home’s windows for energy efficiency and larger window exposure is a great way to quickly improve your home.

But do you need a permit to increase your window size?

Permits and Home Window Renovations

The confusion around window replacement permit requirements holds many homeowners back. They are concerned because they have heard that a permit is necessary. But then they talk to friends who scoff and say that lots of companies install without a permit.

What should a homeowner do?

Here’s the rule of thumb:

  • If you are changing the size of a window opening during the window’s replacement, you need a permit
  • If the window opening is staying the same size, you don’t need a permit

Is It Worth Getting a Permit for a Window Replacement?

Here’s the insider’s secret. Obtaining a permit for a window replacement is easier than it sounds. The reasons for needing a permit relate to maintaining the structural integrity of your home. Obtaining a permit is necessary and common. With expert help, it doesn’t need to be over-thought or avoided.

If you are thinking of expanding the view and the natural light in key rooms while installing energy-efficient new windows, an installer who is experienced knows how to advise you.

Construction Worker Installing New Windows In House

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