Your windows help to keep your home snug over our cold winter months. Have you wondered why windows today are superior to the windows of our parent’s generation?
We asked our team of window, door, and glass experts in Salmon Arm for more on this important topic. Let’s learn about low-emissivity windows and why they changed the energy efficiency landscape.

Low-E Window Technology Explained

Low-emissivity glass is used in most of our windows now. Here’s a quick definition of “low-E glass”:
  • Minimizes ultraviolet & infrared light (heat energy) penetration
  • Maximizes “visible light” inside a room
  • Emissivity is the process of re-radiating through the glass face
  • Reduced emissivity increases the window’s ability to insulate
  • Low-E glass coatings are layered onto glass plates
A side benefit of low-E technology is that a window’s seal is superior and the risk of condensation due to moisture between the layers of glass is reduced. Sometimes low-E manufacturing processes use argon gas to reduce condensation, improve soundproofing, and maximize cold weather insulation.

Installing New Low-E Windows

Low-E technology was developed to help keep winter warmth inside a home in northern climates like ours. Due to its extreme benefits, low-E began moving into warmer climates and widespread use. Installation of low-E windows is now considered the obvious choice for new construction and home renovation projects.
Low-E windows have predictable benefits:
  • Rebates to help lower heating costs in winter months
  • Lower air conditioning needs in summer weather
  • Reduced UV ray penetration to protect carpet, paint, furnishings
  • Improved health due to lowered UV exposure levels at home

Reduce Energy Bills with New Windows

Fight the utility bill war with an investment in your home. New energy-efficient low-E windows can increase your property value while reducing your energy bills. Reach out to us! We’re your local window and door replacement experts in Salmon Arm. We’re happy to come out for a site visit and provide money-saving winter heating help.