When it comes to keeping your windows in top condition, it’s crucial that you clean them regularly. However, for many people, window cleaning efforts can seem in vain when the windows dry to reveal unpleasant and unattractive smear marks across the windows! Fortunately, though, our team is here to help you with some top tips to keep your windows clean without smears.

Top Tips for Cleaning Your Windows Without Smears

So, how can you keep your windows clean without leaving smear marks all over them? Well, some top tips you should follow for cleaning your windows effectively without leaving smears include:
  • Never use glass cleaners based on alcohol or ammonia
  • Always clean gently – never use a blade or sharp surface to remove stubborn dirt from glass
  • Use lint-free microfiber wipes while cleaning to avoid smears due to the cleaning material
  • If choosing to use cleaning products, always ensure you’ve picked a gentle product that won’t harm the surface of your glass windows
  • Always finish cleaning with a cleaning squeegee to remove excess liquid and stop smears from drying – this is one of the biggest tips we can give, as dried water residue can drastically reduce the appeal of your property’s windows!
These are just a few tips you could implement, but fortunately, they’re incredibly simple! So, make sure you’re following these tips while cleaning your glass windows to give them that perfect, showroom shine once more!


Cleaning your windows doesn’t need to be a major headache. Hopefully, we’ve given you some new ideas about cleaning your windows without leaving smears today.

And remember – as your local professional glassworks experts, we here at Trademark Glassworks can help with all of your glass-related needs!